Mireia Girbau

Mum, I want to become a dinosaur!

“Mum, I want to become a dinosaur!” a children’s illustration project for ‘Bologna Children’s Book Fair’ contest (3-6 april 2017)
Color made with Adobe Photoshop. Lines were done with pencil and I also used ink-wash in the background. I’m quite happy with the final result!

Illustration1: Marc was sad: He wanted to see a real dinosaur but they didn’t exist anymore.

Illustration2: Marc: “I want to become a dinosaur!”

Illustration3: Marc’s mum had an idea! She decided to sew a costume for him. She stayed up all the night to do so.

Illustration4: Marc’s mum showed the costume to Marc.

Illustration5: Marc was very happy, he was a dinosaur!

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