Molt soroll per un rei

Molt soroll per un rei is board game designed by Marc Figueras, Oscar Oliver and Marià Pitarque, in which I designed cover art, packaging and booklet. It’s a solo game where you control Pere el Gran, who was King of Aragon, Valencia and Count in Barcelona from 1276 to his death. In addition, you’ll try to […]View post →

El Huevo Eterno

El Huevo Eterno is an Art Collective project by Escola Joso Sabadell alumni from 2015-2019. As a team, we have published three homonym self-published zines and have sold 500+ copies in various events, like Comic Barcelona, KBoom Bcn and GRAF.All covers are illustrated by Soledad PlateroIn El Huevo Eterno 2 I had the chance to […]View post →

The Last Forest

The Last Forest is a deck-building card game that will be published on Kickstarter in 2020. The world has nearly ended, there is chaos in the wildlife. A few animals must unite to make a good strategy to overcome challenges and recover the forest.View post →

El Lobo y la Presa

Book cover of El Lobo y la Presa (The Wolf and the Prey), a short story by Alfons Mallol Garcia. Available in Lektu.The Wolf and the Prey is story on the freedom of the individual and the bonds of friendship and family, in a world where the supernatural and magical beings survive amongst humans.Ten is […]View post →

Anime Tribute

When I was in my childhood years I loved watching anime series on traditional TV and then YouTube! I had a fun time drawing their characters and made stories of my own as a hobby.View post →

Ofrenda a la Tormenta – Trilogia de Baztán

Ofrenda a la Tormenta is a comicbook adaptation by Ernest Sala published by Planeta Cómic in October 2019. It's based on Offering to the Storm (Trilogía de Baztán), a best-selling trilogy by Dolores Redondo.Color was handled by a assistants. Our job was make the color flats and suggest the general lighting of the page in […]View post →

La Nit de Reis a Sabadell

La Nit de Reis a Sabadell is a children’s tale  by David Vila Ros for Ajuntament de Sabadell published during Christmas time in December 2019. This project was made in collaboration with MRA Artworks, as he did the line work and I colored the illustrations. You can check the promotional video on YoutubeView post →

Paper de Ceba

Paper de Ceba is a bi-monthly magazine that aims to tell stories from our city, through comics and illustrations. My story was published in the 2nd issue (June 2019) by Novapress Edicions.I took part with a commissioned story, illustrating the life of Miquel Crusafont, an important paleontologist from Sabadell, that discovered many fossils in Spain […]View post →